Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cursive - Mama, I'm Swollen (Saddle Creek - 2009)

I'm digging this so far. Should have gone to the show a few weeks ago...


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kylesa - Static Tensions (Prosthetic / 20 Buck Spin - 2009)

The new one from one of Savannah's finest. The drums are loud on this but I don't really mind it.

Just wish the guitars were louder.


Friday, February 20, 2009

The new Mastodon leaked

But it's a shitty quality and missing the last song. I'm going to wait until I can listen to the whole thing but the early reports are that it sucks. I liked the track I heard...

Check it out here. Not my link so I don't know how crappy it actually is.

*edit - this is the promo copy so i think it has all the songs. still not going to listen.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mono - Hymn To The Immortal Wind (Temporary Residence Limited - 2009)

Ashes In The Snow
Burial At Sea
Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn
Pure As Snow
Follow The Map
The Battle Of Heaven
Everlasting Light

Just in time for their 10-year anniversary, MONO return with their fifth studio album, the absolutely massive Hymn To The Immortal Wind.

After touring almost non-stop for five years, the band hibernated for over a year to focus solely on writing Hymn. The result is their most thoughtful and eclectic album to date. Written and arranged with a hopeful, romantic narrative in mind, the songs string together like chapters in an epic love story. The music is naturally majestic, with MONO’s trademark wall of noise crashing beautifully against the largest chamber orchestra the band has ever enlisted. The instrumentation is vast, incorporating strings, flutes, organ, piano, glockenspiel and tympani into their standard face-melting set-up.

Recorded to analog tape with long-time friend and producer Steve Albini, there is an intimacy captured here that is at once beautiful and a little terrifying. The creaking of old wooden chairs as the orchestra rocks in their seats (both literally and figuratively), puckered lips rolling along flutes, and even the conductor’s opening cue can be heard during the hauntingly quiet opening moments

While Hymn continues to mine the cinematic drama inherent in all of MONO's music, the dynamic shifts now come more from dark-to-light instead of quiet-to-loud. The maturity to balance these elements so masterfully has become MONO’s strongest virtue.

Jeremy deVine _Temporary Residence Limited

I don't even know what to say about this album. It's absolutely amazing.


Irepress - Sol Eye Sea I (Tanslation Loss - 2009)

01. Diaspora
02. Rhintu
03. Barrageo
04. Daniel Sen
05. Cyette Phiur
06. Fletchie
07. Adelugé
08. Billy
09. Entanglement

This is the second full length from Irepress and it pretty much follows the same formula as 2007's Samus Octology with the exception of adding some vocals and keyboards.
Another one of those instrumental metal/post-rock/experimental albums. Man am I tired of reading/typing that shit. This album is solid though.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Last NIN Tour?

from their website:

"Towards the beginning of my career in Nine Inch Nails, our biggest break came in the form of an invitation to perform a series of shows with Jane's Addiction. These performances essentially created and defined the term "alternative" rock in the US, created an ongoing festival franchise that is still thriving (Lollapalooza), set the stage for Nirvana to shift popular taste a few months later, and were really fucking FUN to play and attend - truly the best times I've had. The shows were epic. So epic, they propelled NIN to the "next level" (whatever that means), but caused Jane's to implode. The band broke up at the end of that tour.

Fast forward to the present. Corporate rock STILL sucks. A friend tells me they saw the original Jane's lineup play a tiny show in LA that was unbelievable. I break out my Jane's records and am amazed by how vital they sound. These guys were the real deal and in this current climate mostly dominated by poseurs and pussies it was refreshing to hear something that sounded dangerous, volatile, beautiful and SINCERE.
Emails were sent, phone calls were made, dinner was arranged, ideas were discussed and the next thing I know we're in the studio experimenting. We laugh, we get to know each other, we cry, we yell, we almost quit, we record LOTS of guitar solos, we discuss, we actually begin to all communicate, we yell some more, we become FRIENDS, we laugh again and we do some great things. I get to see first hand why they broke up all those years ago but I also get the chance to see four distinct personalities that become an INCREDIBLE band when they're in the same room.

In NIN world, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of our first releases. I've been thinking for some time now it's time to make NIN disappear for a while. Last year's "Lights in the Sky" tour was something I'm quite proud of and seems like the culmination of what I could pull off in terms of an elaborate production. It was also quite difficult to pull off technically and physically night after night and left us all a bit dazed. After some thought, we decided to book a last run of shows across the globe this year. The approach to these shows is quite different from last year - much more raw, spontaneous and less scripted. Fun for us and a different way for you to see us and wave goodbye. I reached out to Jane's to see if they'd want to join us across the US and we all felt it could be a great thing. Will it work? Will it resonate in the marketplace? Who knows. Are there big record label marketing dollars to convince you to attend? Nope.
Does it feel right to us and does it seem like it will be fun for us and you? Yes it does.
Look for tour dates soon and I hope to see you out there.


If this happens, I will be there.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Florida Panthers suck but...

This is amusing. Actual goal calls from their radio play by play guy.

The Appleseed Cast - Sagarmatha (The Militia Group - 2009)

Mostly instrumental, and fantastic.

Recorded by Ed Rose, at home in Lawrence, KS.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Christian Bale has a bad day

Apparently this is from the set of the new Terminator.