Friday, April 3, 2009

talk to strangers!

anonymously on the internet. not sure what to think about this site. it's definitely strange, yet oddly entertaining. and everyone seems to be from brazil. wtf.


Todd said...

here is the copy from my first and only time on this just now, (serisouly)

me: hey
stranger: hi
me: my first time on this
stranger: good to know
stranger: die by Jihad, all of you
---conversation disconnected---

yeah, that might be the first and only time on there. wtf?

Jon said...

sometimes i have a long ass conversation with someone and then sometimes....
You: hi
Stranger: niall?
You: yes
Stranger: sup lad
You: nada. chilling
Stranger: sweeet
You: did you get those goats?
Stranger: someone ate half of number 3
You: so all of my acid is gone?
Stranger: indeed
Stranger: quick
Stranger: the germans are attacking
Stranger: get to the watchtower, there you will meet john, he will give you all you need
You: but i am jon
Stranger: oh crap theres one in the next room
Stranger: please, send help
Stranger: i dont have much time
You: fuck you i hope you die
Stranger: OH SHI-
Your conversational partner has disconnected.