Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some upcoming shows...

8/31 - Lightning Bolt @ The Church

9/15 - Monument @ The Note

9/20 - Sunn O))) @ The Church (Sanctuary Show)

9/27 - Mono & Maserati @ The Church

9/28 - These Arms Are Snakes @ Kung Fu Necktie

10/14 - Om @ Johnny Brendas

11/15 - Shrinebuilder in NYC

11/30 - Do Make Say Think @ The Church (Sanctuary Show)

There are a few more but these are the ones I will definitely be attending. A couple things... I didn't know Lightning Bolt was still playing or that they had a new album coming out. And.. Todd and I saw Mono in NYC earlier this year and it was billed as their only US show...... with an orchestra. Looking forward to this though because Maserati rules and I won't have to watch a conductor for Mono's set and wonder how much of an asshole this dude really is.

I'm still up in the air about Mastodon/High On Fire/Converge. If it was at the TLA I would have no problem spending $45.

Pretty much all of these shows will be fun as shit.


Todd said...

mono and maserati, sucks it's a sunday. Maybe another ankle will blowout. sick shit

Todd said...

Dude, not ONE of these shows is on a weekend. WEEEEEAAAAAAKKKKKK

Jon said...

sunday shows tend to get done a little earlier... but i hear ya. that shrinebuilder show in nyc starts at 930 on a sunday. work is going to be a real treat the next day.