Sunday, March 20, 2011

Godspeed shows

I had pretty high expectations for this weekend's shows, based on the last time I saw Godspeed play in (i think) 2004, and they pretty much exceeded them. We saw them play in a beautiful church in the middle of Manhattan on Friday, and at The Trocadero in Philadelphia last night. Both shows were incredible, but I was expecting last night to be a let down after the church show. It was actually better. They played pretty much everything I wanted to hear in one show and the sound was UNREAL. Which sometimes can be an issue at The Troc.

Here is the setlist from last night... I think it's fairly accurate.

Hope Drone
Gathering Storm
Chart #3
World Police and Friendly Fire
Dead Metheny
Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls

Anyway.... very happy I attended both of these and I wish I could see them on more dates this tour. If you will be seeing them I can promise you won't be let down and for those who aren't, here is a link (thanks to Todd) to download all 5 NYC shows (eventually). Based on the recording equipment and cameras at these shows I would hope to have a live cd/dvd released at some point.

Anyways... they don't sleep anymore on the beach.


Jon said...

also... some highlights from the weekend-

$20 drinks
1am traffic jam
Fat girl convention
ahi tuna

Todd said...

20$ drinks at Trump tower just off central park

Todd said...

youtube clips of the philly show:

Jon said...