Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Graf Orlock - Destination Time : Yesterday (Level Plane - 2006)

probably the best band ever. sound clips from various awesome movies mixed with riffs. and the lyrics are taken directly from the films.


song - 50 year storm


Do you know what this is? Two keys of uncut crystal meth. What is this shit? That shit's crystal meth. You think I like this haircut? My wife wants me to stay at the Ramada. Utah, meet Deatz, Deatz, Utah. Fort fucking Lauderdale. Why be a servant of the law when you can be its master? Dipshit. Utah, will someone please tell me how they're supposed to rob Tarzana city national on August second? Warchild's splintered battle cry, oh shit nice tattoo. War, war, war warchild

01. Tactical Destruction
02. 50 Year Storm
03. Not Economically Viable
04. Improvement Society
05. Dutch And The Demon
06. Prove It
07. Massacre! / Main Title
08. Captives Of The Thuggre
09. Rotten Kid
10. Hauser
11. Personal Stuff
12. Panic At The Galleria
13. Border Crossing
14. Marmot
15. A Chat With The Pentagon
16. Bonus Track


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