Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Minus The Bear - Acoustics

Only available at their shows on the current tour. features one new song, one off of highly refined pirates, one from menos el oso, and the rest from planet of ice. i hope to NOT procrastinate this year and get tickets to see these dudes again.

these songs transferred over much better than i thought they would.

1. Guns & Ammo (new track)
2. We Are Not a Football Team (from the album, Highly Refined Pirates)
3. Burying Luck (from the album, Planet of Ice)
4. Knights (from the album, Planet of Ice)
5. Pachuca Sunrise (from the album, Menos El Oso)
6. Throwin' Shapes (from the album, Planet of Ice)
7. Ice Monster (from the album, Planet of Ice)


1 comment:

Jon said...

world series game > minus the bear show.