Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phish Musical Costume

With the upcoming Halloween Phish festival in Cali, wonder over what musical costume they will adorn abounds. See, when Phish plays on Halloween, sometimes they play a full set that is an album cover in it's entirety. In the past they have covered the following:
1994: The Beatles - The White Album
1995: The Who - Quadrophenia
1996: Talking Heads - Remain in Light
1998: The Velvet Underground
Surprise musical costume (Nov. 2, 1998): Phish play Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

So there is much speculation as to what they might cover this time (First halloween show in 11 years). A blogspot has dedicated itself to the possible choices.

Halloween bRaH
Possibles include, Zepplin 1 and 3, Boston - Boston, The Band - Brown Album, U2 - Joshua Tree, The Police - Ghost in the Machine, Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire, Beach Boys - Pet Sounds, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, MGMT - Oracular Spectacular and more, all with DL links.

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Jon said...

some of those albums would be interesting to hear phish cover. evil empire? also that blog has a ton of great albums.

it would be sweet if they covered zeppelin 1 when they play philly.