Sunday, October 4, 2009

new Converge album...

Dark Horse – 2:54
Reap What You Sow – 2:39
Axe to Fall – 1:41
Effigy – 1:42
Worms Will Feed – 5:52
Wishing Well – 2:49
Damages – 4:26
Losing Battle – 1:46
Dead Beat – 2:36
Cutter – 1:40
Slave Driver – 2:48
Cruel Bloom – 4:01
Wretched World – 7:10

holy hell this is good. it's their seventh album and i like pretty much everything they've done save for a few songs on You Fail Me and No Heroes but this one is much better than those 2 and easily their best record since Jane Doe... which is almost impossible to top. there are also "guest appearances" on this one which Converge has never really done before. Effigy features most of Cave In, and Steve Von Till from Neurosis does vocals on Cruel Bloom. There are a few others as well.

I'm not going to post a link because it will just get taken down anyway. if you can't find it email me and i will send it to you.



Jon said...

kurt ballou did a ridiculous job with this. and the drumming is out of control. in the words of tim... the dude is a dragon.

Jon said...