Monday, September 28, 2009

Maserati / Mono last night...

Such a great show. I have seen Mono a bunch of times so I knew what to expect and they delivered as usual but Maserati was fucking RIDICULOUS. I saw them a few years ago and I remembered them being good but nothing like what happened last night at the church. Their drummer is an absolute machine and they were loud as fuck. Just driving bass and perfect drumming coupled with 2 guitars and lots of delay. It's seriously impossible to stand still while they're playing. Please go and see these dudes if you ever have the chance.

Here is their "new" album Passages. 2 unreleased tracks and some songs that are on vinyl that's long out of print. Monoliths is worth the download alone. New album in 2010 and the new song they played last night was unreal.

1. Join Us, Mystic Sister
2. No More Sages
3. Monoliths
4. Thieves
5. The World Outside (Thee Loving Hand Remix)
6. Inventions (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)
7. Monoliths (Steve Moore Remix)
8. Do You Hear The Nightbirds Calling You?

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Jon said...

Also, Mono was much better without a huge orchestra behind them. Although the new album has all that extra instrumentation it sounds incredible as a 4 piece. They played "Yearning" which they've done every time I have seen them at the church and it's still one of the greatest live songs ever.