Friday, December 12, 2008

Keelhaul/Backwoods Payback/Jail - Johnny Brenda's 12/10

I was going to write a review for this show but describing live music makes you sound like an asshole. Keelhaul ripped it up, Backwoods Payback still rules and the dude from Jail hates everything.

Sam and I drank a few Kenzingers and I had a wicked bangover the next day.

Expect a new Keelhaul album in '09.


Backwoods Payback

No horrible pictures of Jail but that dude definitely hates everything.


Samuel said...

we also had whiskey

Samuel said...

also i didn't realize you took pics at this show, i guess the philly roller durby girls distracted me!

Jon said...

i found a keelhaul shirt in my car tonight that i don't remember buying.