Thursday, December 4, 2008

West Conshohocken Wildlife

All these photos were taken from my job site. This photo was forwarded to a Penn State professor who studies wetland habitat. he said that it is the red swap crayfish and is native to lands much farther south. Yet, here it is in Beautiful West Conshohocken, PA.

Big ass snapping turtle. Estimated at 20+ lbs. He'll take your finger off at the knuckle.

Non venemous water snake, was found hiding in our portable dam. It was cold so he really wasn't moving really fast. That is not me holding it.

This 17-inch brown trout was found in less than 6 inches of water. Larger ones have been seen upstream. Again hard to believe stuff like this is around in a stream that averages about 1-foot depth.

This red tailed hawk is commonly seen watching over things. One day he must have killed a possum because he dropped the head in the work area. I had a photo of the head but can't find it right now.

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Jon said...

wildlife pandemonium. can't believe you found a crayfish.

all that from today?