Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crack The Skye

I'm not sure why everyone was so quick to hate on this album. It's fucking awesome and may be the best thing they have released... well, not really... but it's damn good. A little slower than the previous albums but the songwriting is still there and so are the riffs. Brent Hinds does the vocals for the majority of this album and he also wrote most of the music for it. If you don't like his clean vocals, then you probably won't like these songs that much. Scott Kelly from Neurosis also does vocals on the title track.

When I first heard the album title I thought they stole it from some shitty nu-metal band, but apparently "Skye" refers to Brann Dailors sister who committed suicide when she was 14. He wrote most of the lyrics for this.

1. "Oblivion" – 5:46
2. "Divinations" – 3:32
3. "Quintessence" – 5:28
4. "The Czar" – 10:55
i. "Usurper"
ii. "Escape"
iii. "Martyr"
iv. "Spiral"
5. "Ghost of Karelia" – 5:24
6. "Crack the Skye" – 5:54
7. "The Last Baron" – 13:03



Todd said...

i dig it.

Jon said...


Jon said...

watched the dvd last night. so good.

Todd said...

Posted: 03/26/09 11:34PM ET
The new album is a bore. Same w/ the new Isis."

yo, what should I say to this dude?

Jon said...

tell him to pull his head out of his ass. seriously though, the post above his is pretty fuckin brutal.

Jon said...

MASTODON's new album, "Crack The Skye", sold 41,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 11 on The Billboard 200 chart.

MASTODON's 2006 CD, "Blood Mountain", came in with just over 24,000 units - significantly more than the 8,000 first-week tally registered by its predecessor, 2004's "Leviathan" - which put it at No. 32.

MASTODON will embark on a spring U.S. headlining tour in support of "Crack The Skye". The band will perform the album in its entirety along with career-spanning surprises and plenty of visual stimulus in store. This first tour behind the groundbreaking new album will sweep across the U.S. and Canada, playing to smaller theaters and clubs to insure a maximum and up-close intimate environment in which to be exposed to brand new songs and old favorites for MASTODON fans. Support on the trek will come from KYLESA and INTRONAUT.

MASTODON guitarist Bill Kelliher told about the band's decision to play the new CD in its entirety, "there's something about ["Crack The Skye"] where it would be weird to leave a song out. We'll incorporate a whole stage show, which will hopefully make it even more exciting for kids to come see and more visually stimulating." The band is also hoping to make a short movie from all the songs, which Kelliher hopes will be MASTODON's version of "The Wall".