Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

I apologize, I think I have confused you
With my fure of fake tears, and my self-thrown pity parties
That hard road, does that story sound familiar ?
Such drama, such torture, so sad it must be true
I'm sorry, we have nothing in common
A thief and a liar spitting stolen words
Mock feelings of loss
Mimic feelings of emptiness
Can you relate ? Do the words hit home ?
Your life is miserable. I'm just fine
I'm sorry, we have nothing in common
Fell for the martyr facade hook line and sinker
I fooled you again
And now it's over, your shoes don't fit me anymore.

this band was pissed off. i just wish i had gotten the chance to see them.

All Else Failed - This Never Happened (2004)

The Revisionist
Wishful Thinking
To Whom it May Concern
Step One: Give Up
All Good Things
At Twenty-Seven
Simple Solution
In Our Defense
Character Actor
Departing Flights
After All


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