Saturday, May 16, 2009

Their New Stuff Sucks

It's always funny when people say a band hasn't been good since____. There are legitimate claims that everyone should have stopped seeing the biscuits in 2002, and certainly since Sammy (the original drummer) left. But if you stop and listen to the music, you might realize that the music is good, they still play the older material and can still show signs of life. Mastodon included. The new album is good. Some people saw early shows (heard and loved early albums) of every band and love to say that everything since sucks. No, some people like their music now, and whatever people say will not affect that. If you want to get down to it, everyone is taking off of chubby checkers, Elvis, the Beatles, led zeppelin, and Mozart. So yeah, all the new stuff sucks, intelligent comment. Open your ears, maybe your soul will follow.

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