Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fight - Eugene S. Robinson

'Everything you ever wanted to know about ass-kicking but were afraid you'd get your ass kicked for asking.'

From a review:
"Fight is part encyclopedia, part panegyric to fighting in all its forms and glory. Robinson’s narrative – told in his trademark tough–guy, stream–of–consciousness noir voice – punctuates this explanatory compendium of the fighting world. From wrestling, jiu–jitsu, boxing and muay thai to bar fighting, hand–to–hand combat, prison fighting and hockey fights, from the greatest movie fight scenes to how to throw the perfect left hook, Fight is a scene–by–scene tour of the bloody but beautiful underworld that is the art of fighting."

I've had this for a while but figured I would post it in case anyone wanted to check it out. He's probably best known for his band, Oxbow, and the madness that took place during the live shows. He's also been involved in professional body-building, mma fighting and even bouncing... and obviously writing.

Even the pacifists will enjoy this.

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