Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm seeing Isis tomorrow night...

probably for the last time. I've seen this band a countless amount of times and it's always been good, but nothing will ever top the first time i saw them play, which was at a church in Levittown about ten years ago. They played songs off of Mosquito Control and The Red Sea and I think even some tunes that ended up on Celestial. To this day it's one of the loudest live sets I've ever witnessed.

I guess if they are breaking up there's a small chance that a new Old Man Gloom record could surface... but I'm not going to hold my breath.

The setlist on this tour has basically been the new album along with 'Dulcinea', 'In Fiction' and 'Carry'. And the encore has either been 'The Beginning And The End' or the 17 minute version of 'Celestial'. I hope to god it's the latter.

Here is some of the early stuff.

mosquito control

the red sea

sawblade ep


Jon said...

good show.

tombs - i had heard a lot of shit talk about how good these dudes were but i was unimpressed. they had their moments but overall it was a pretty boring set. i'm sure they sound much better in a smaller venue.

pelican - yes, their drummer sucks and i'm tired of hearing about it. i've seen pelican 5 or 6 times now and this was one of their best sets. they sounded awesome, the new songs are good, and they played an earth cover.

isis - well they didn't play celestial :( but WOW. they sounded amazing. the new songs are even better live and it was nice to hear a couple old ones as well (Carry especcially). i know my friends and others really don't like this band that much but this was one of the best sets i've seen this year. it rivaled mastodon. seriously.

Todd said...

rivaled mastodon, must have been good to say that. I grabbed these three early recordings of isis.