Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Jazz June - The Medicine

Summer Album #3

Viva la Speed Metal
The Scars to Prove It
The Phone Works Both Ways
The Medicine
At the Artist's Leisure Part 2
Motorhead's Roadie
Death From Above
Fight Like Sinatra
Get on the Bus


Drank too much
Thursday night at sundown
Can't drink enough
to make the world look right
So I put it down
Sunday night at sundown
Damn I hope I don't end up like the jerk next door
Excuse me sir
would you like to sit down with me?
We'll watch the tide roll by
and we'll watch it spit out sentences
We'll try to figure out why they're all so full of shit



Jon said...

Excerpt will always be my favorite tune but At The Artist's Leisure Part 2 is a close close close second. SO GOOD.

Todd said...

yes, good stuff, haven't heard it in a while