Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eagles 34 New England 31

FoxSports Predicts Philadelphia Over New England in the superbowl this upcoming season.

God I hope so. There is a lot of hype over philly's offseason moves such as the addition of offensive tackle Jason Peters from the Bills, and another offensive tackle Stacy Andrews from the Bengals to sure up the O-line. BTW at this point big John Runyan is not yet signed. McNabb got his extrension, Westbrook recently had surgery to repair a nagging right ankle, and even Reid swore off cheesesteaks ;o)

I still have one question though, how in the world is Dan Klecko the second highest paid guy on the team?
Go Birds!

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Jon said...

i swear fox sports and/or espn pick these two every year.

i'm really optimistic though and it would be awesome if they could make a good run. just need to stay healthy.

also, those salaries look like '08. i tried to find '09 and i found this:

it's not totally updated because i think mcnabb is getting something like 12mil this year with that contract re-do. it has klecko at 651k so that number from '08 musyt have had a bonus or something. anyway, dude is ballin... unless he spent it on hookers.