Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deftones - White Pony

Summer Album #7

1. Feiticeira – 3:09
2. Digital Bath – 4:15
3. Elite – 4:01
4. RX Queen – 4:27
5. Street Carp – 2:41
6. Teenager – 3:20
7. Knife Party – 4:49
8. Korea – 3:23
9. Passenger – 6:07
10. Change (In the House of Flies) – 5:00
11. Pink Maggit – 7:32


Credit for this one goes to Tim (T Bag). Had it not been for him I would have left this one out and that would have been a damn shame. Incredible album and in my opinion, their best effort.

In some sad news, The Deftones were set to release a new album this year, "Eros", and it was basically finished. Then they decided to put those songs on the shelf and return to the studio and record another album. The second recording was done without their longtime bassist, Chi Cheng, who went into a coma following a car accident in November last year. As of June he is out of the hospital but remains in a "minimally conscious state". I hope the dude can recover. More info here.

Now that I've depressed the shit out of you, throw this album on and rock out.

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