Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ESPN article on.....



pretty random article. also, sunn is coming back to the church on 9/20 with their robes, fog machines and low end tones. last time they played the sanctuary, i sat on the floor in the back with my eyes closed in some sort of weird state of meditation. it's hard to explain a sunn show but hopefully some of you want to come along.

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Jon said...

some info on the show that none of you care about. they are playing with steve moore from Zombi! Todd, I'm looking in your direction.

At The Sanctuary Of The First Unitarian Church $16.00
SUNN 0))) (feat Steve Moore from Zombi and Atilla from Mayhem)
SUNN O)))'s emphasis on collaborative practice sees them working with an array of artists from different traditions, performing with experimental composers and sound artists, as well as musicians deeply rooted in underground music, sound and art cultures. This time around SUNN O))) will be perfoming with Zombi's Stephen Moore and Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Tormentor). For those not in the know...

SUNN 0))) is made of Khanate/Burning Witch (Steve O' Malley) and Goatsnake (Greg Anderson) members. It was formed in memory of the cult drone-riff founders EARTH and honors the beautiful Ozma. The SUNN0))) mission is to create trance like soundscapes with the ultimate low end/bottom frequencies intended to massage the listeners intestines into a act of defecation. SUNN 0))) have gathered for a few dozen live performances, at which they have successfully made audience members instantly nauseous, or better yet run for the toilet in terror. This is going to be the most evil yet as they will drone out the actual church sanctuary complete with their scary robes and smoke machines and laser light show. Walk into a completely pitch black church. Gregorian chant music issues forth from a massive sound system, causing the 300 year old church, and your insides, to rumble. You can only see two aisles illuminated by candlelight, like an airplane landing strip. You are greeted by young men wearing black robes asking you for $12 or your advance ticket and take your to your seat in the wooden church pew. Soon the room begins to fill with smoke and dark blue beams of light shine down on to an altar offering up towers of heavy vintage bass gear. More gentlemen with robes take to the altar in an eerie, solemn procession. The most intense tones and sonic waves you have ever experienced slowly envelop your head. You become lost in the music and are transported to a place of drone consciousness. The next 90 minutes you experience will be one of the most memorable and unique live music happenings of your life.

Eagle Twin
A two headed eagle with octopus tentacles. Tyler Smith (form of rocket) hits things really hard. Gentry Densley (iceburn, ascend) loosens his strings and always has a few extra amplifiers. The 2 have come together with a love of all things heavy. Its doom blues roots rock backing a new mythology of epic old testament proportions. Southern Lord.