Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foo Fighters - S/T

Summer Album #13

This Is a Call – 3:53
I'll Stick Around – 3:52
Big Me – 2:12
Alone + Easy Target – 4:05
Good Grief – 4:01
Floaty – 4:30
Weenie Beenie – 2:45
Oh, George – 3:00
For All the Cows – 3:30
X-Static – 4:13
Wattershed – 2:15
Exhausted – 5:45


The debut album, written and recorded entirely by Dave Grohl. The follow up to this, "The Colour and the Shape", has some great songs (Everlong, Monkey Wrench, My Hero) but this is by far my favorite Foo Fighters album and also has my favorite song on it, "Good Grief". Dig it.


Jon said...

well the offspring post got deleted. i guess they're sweating the 3 people that read this might not buy an album that's 15 years old.

Jon said...

and i did a google search for "offspring ignition mediafire" and the very first result had a link to download. lol

Todd said...

that is funny stuff. Big Brotha is watching

Alberto said...

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Baerere av Sorg said...

my favorite FF release, too.
it's so original and straightforward.