Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Torche last night at the church

The most fun I've had at a show in a long time. An amazing set that somehow made everyone in the room forget about the oppresive heat and horrible smell in the always steamy basement of the First Unitarian Church. This was around the 10th time I've seen Torche play and the second time i've seen them as a 3 piece and although I was skeptical about how they would sound without a second guitar, last night sealed the deal. They defintely don't need it.

The set was a great mix of songs pulled from all their albums along with a Floor song, Tales of Lolita. Amazingly it wasn't weird with a bunch of dudes singing "I think it's time we made love..." to each other.

They also played a couple new ones, one being an instrumental and another from the recently released 12" ep on Hydrahead. Highlights of the set were a slowed down and absolutely crushing version of Charge of the Brown Recluse, crowd favorite Mentor, the heaviest song they've ever written Tarpit Carnivore, Fat Waves (which Steve Brooks came off the stage for and played half the song in our laps), and the usual Healer into Across The Shields. I honestly really hurt my neck/back during Tarpit Carnivore.

I was up front so it's easier to be drawn in by a bands energy, but it seemed as if everyone in the room was having the time of their life... especcially the band. Honestly, I've never seen 3 dudes have more fun playing music than the last 2 times Torche has been to Philly. Absolutely ROCKING OUT with smiles on their faces the entire time and drawing the crowd in to do the same.

This morning all I'm left with is a very loud ringing in my ears, sweat soaked clothing and horrible neck/back pain but somehow it all seems worth it.


Todd said...

damn, sounds like a good time

Jon said...

for reals. harvey milk was really good as well. i can't get into their recorded material that much but they were pretty heavy live.