Saturday, November 7, 2009

Earth Energy Jam

Earth Energy Jam>Run Like Hell

October 5, 2002. I am standing in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night in Spotsylvania, VA. This is the same weekend the DC sniper is taking out unsuspecting people as close as a few miles away. The disco biscuits have set up a stage and are playing some of their best stuff ever heard before or since. This song starts up (the DL above) and a few minutes in my buddy leans to me and says, "This is the Earth Energy Jam." Mind you, Earth Energy Jam is not the name of any song, it is just the "feeling" he is "vibing" at this moment. And never more in my life have I had the desire to say STFU You Dirty Filthy Hippie. Now as I listen to it, he may have been right on the money. Story Time over, I have to rake leaves that earth dropped on my backyard so thick I could swim in them.


Jon said...

i'm dancing. fuckin hippies win again.

Todd said...

Niiiice. it's good stuff. Just like in golf, "you hit it where it lies."

Todd said...

they always win, sonnnnnnnnn