Monday, November 23, 2009

Jon Gutwillig - The Disco Biscuits Guitarist

""The “patient” starts to explain how the Biscuits have escalated from a normal jam band to super jam band status since Jon Gutwillig, bassist Marc Brownstein, keyboardist Aron Magner, and original drummer Sam Altman (current drummer Allen Aucoin was inducted into the band in ‘05 after a drum-off in Atlantic City) met at the University of Pennsylvania over a decade ago. When I admit that I was unaware of the existence of super jam bands, Gutwillig throws some cultural knowledge on the table.""
The above quote taken from link below.
the interview


Jon said...

"who was rumored to have been on his 55th show."

uhhh... haven't you been to like 100+?

Jon said...

wacky interview.

for some reason it made me think of that thievery corporation set at camp bisco. i was totally expecting it to be terrible and it ruled.

Todd said...

I am at 97, possibly be at 99 by the end of the week. But there are a bunch of people with that many, and some over 200.

Jon said...

crazy shit. just the way that article was written made it seem like 55 show man was king bisco.

also i don't think i'll ever get to see a band 100 times, let alone 200. that is so many shows.

Jon said...

so how were these shows?