Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roy - Big CIty Sin And Small Town Redemption

Something That's Real
Don't Overdub My Heart
Gold Rush
Wipe That Brow
Better Head North
Has Darryl Worley Forgotten
Prescription Drugs
Rebel Hymn
The Power, Not The Perception
They Cut The Cord
Never Getting Married
Anytime Now
Bored With Summer


i don't know if many people have heard this and based on the few reviews floating around out there most probably wouldn't listen to it. just an awesome album front to back. i guess if i had to label this it would be something like alt. country? but it's way better than any description i could offer. give it a listen. has dudes from botch but sounds absolutely nothing like that. if you like it and want to hear their ep let me know and i will post that as well.

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e.w. said...

hey, would you be able to post the ep, or send me a link?